Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Self-Centered Jackass

Nice mention this morning in the Arizona Daily Star.  Someone had fun with this headline.

In response, a certain Roy O. has this to say:
The author is a publicity hound, nothing more. She is wasting the council's time (as if they don't waste enough on their own) and stalling the meeting process. What a self-centered jackass!
Knee-jerk negativity notwithstanding--the Star's comments page is a haven for chronic malcontents--Roy's got a point. The hubris required to a) dream up this idea and b) execute it is sort of astonishing. I mean, why should I think that anyone cares?  I've got to accept, in fact, that maybe nobody does care. And to keep going back every Tuesday despite knowing that guys like Roy are yelling at their TV sets when I come on Channel 12.

But I'll betcha he digs the sex scenes. Stay tuned, Roy.


  1. Christy Clothier says:

    So often writers are confined to their desks, toiling for hours in silence, separated from their audience long after a work's finished. Many readers share the same experience, perhaps reading under a small lamp in an otherwise dim room. Such a separation prevents active discourse between artist and audience, until now. By actively engaging the community in her work, Shannon's reintroducing us to our history with literature, which started as an oral tradition, as well as allowing her audience to participate. Shannon's giving her words to the public and, in doing so, allowing others (Roy) to do the same

  2. Thanks, Christy--yes, I love that this project continues the tradition of literature presented orally storytelling, including (in more recent history) as serialization, when communities/families would gather around the radio. Feels great to be reviving that tradition. Thanks for this perspective--good subject for a blog post, stay tuned.


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